Is Moss Rose Or Portulaca Toxic to Cats?

Moss rose (Portulaca grandiflora) is a flowering plant in the family Portulacaceae, native to Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Paraguay. It is often grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. The leaves are succulent and the flowers are brightly colored.

Moss rose is toxic to cats if they eat it. Symptoms of toxicity include vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy. If you think your cat has eaten moss rose, contact your veterinarian immediately.

If you’re a cat owner, you may be wondering if moss rose or portulaca is toxic to your furry friend. The good news is that neither of these plants are considered toxic to cats. However, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and keep your kitty away from any plants in your home, just to be safe.

If your cat does happen to nibble on either of these plants, she may experience some stomach upset, but it’s not likely to be serious.

Are Portulaca Poisonous to Cats

If you have a curious kitty, it’s important to know which plants in your home are safe and which are poisonous. Unfortunately, portulaca (commonly known as purslane) is one of the latter. All parts of the plant contain saponins, toxic compounds that can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats if ingested.

Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. In severe cases, portulaca poisoning can lead to dehydration and even death. If you suspect your cat has eaten any part of this plant, contact your veterinarian or local animal hospital immediately.

Is Moss Rose Or Portulaca Toxic to Cats?


Is Portulaca Poisonous for Cats?

No, portulaca is not poisonous for cats.

Is Moss Rose Poisonous to Pets?

Most moss roses (Portulaca grandiflora) are not poisonous to pets. The plant is considered non-toxic to cats and dogs by the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center. However, there are a few reports of allergic reactions in animals after eating this plant.

If your pet shows any signs of illness after eating moss rose, call your veterinarian immediately.

Are Moss Roses Poisonous?

Moss roses (Rosa x centifolia) are not poisonous. This is a hybrid rose that was created by crossing the cabbage rose (Rosa x alba) with the musk rose (Rosa moschata). The moss rose is a shrub that typically grows to be about 3 feet tall.

It has green leaves and blooms in shades of pink, red, or white.

Are Portulaca Pet Safe?

Yes, Portulaca are pet safe. They are not poisonous to animals and will not harm them if they ingest the plant.

Plants That Are Toxic to Cats!!


No, moss rose and portulaca are not toxic to cats. In fact, these plants can actually be beneficial for your feline friend. Moss rose is known to help soothe digestive issues and portulaca can help boost the immune system.

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