Is Sweetheart Hoya Toxic to Cats?

There are a lot of different flowers that people keep in their homes, but one of the most popular is the hoya plant. These plants are known for their large, waxy leaves and beautiful blooms. While they make great houseplants, some people wonder if they are safe to keep around cats.

After all, cats are known for eating plants and grasses.

No, Sweetheart Hoya is not toxic to cats. This plant is actually considered to be safe for both humans and animals.

No, Sweetheart Hoya is Not Toxic to Cats

No, Sweetheart Hoya is not toxic to cats. The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center lists it as non-toxic to both dogs and cats.

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No, sweetheart hoya is not toxic to cats. In fact, it is often used as a houseplant because it is known to be safe for pets. The sap of the plant can cause irritation if ingested, but this is typically not a problem for cats since they tend to avoid eating plants.

If you are concerned about your cat getting into the plant, you can always keep it out of reach or monitor your cat closely when it is around the sweetheart hoya.

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