is yarrow poisonous to cats

Is Yarrow Poisonous to Cats? Warning!

If you’re a cat owner and have seen your pet suspiciously licking its lips, you may have been wondering what your cat may eat. Unfortunately, there is the possibility that your cat may eat indoor plants. The doubt should be a matter of concern if you have a plant like a yarrow.

So, is yarrow toxic to cats? Well, it turns out that yarrow – a common plant found throughout North America – can be poisonous to felines! 

In this blog post, we’ll explain precisely why yarrow may be harmful to your kitten and give you a list of symptoms to watch for and steps to take if your cat is poisoned from yarrow.

So read on and stay safe and healthy out there – cats can’t help it if they get a little enthusiastic about yarrow!

What is Yarrow?

Yarrow, an aromatic herb commonly used for its beauty benefits. A plant that has versatile colors of flowers, like red, yellow, and pink. A plant that attracts butterflies is a yarrow.

Also, the most fantastic part is some Achillea millefolium is used to treat sunburn. In Native America, it is used to remove anxiety and stress. 

The most recommended varieties for gardeners are- Coronation Gold, Fanal, and Cerise Queen

But this plant can be toxic to cats. If ingested, yarrow can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and dermatitis. So as a precaution, always keep yarrow away from your kitty and make sure they can’t get their hands on it. If you do happen to give your cat yarrow, be sure to contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.

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Is Yarrow Poisonous to Cats?

Yes, Yarrow is very poisonous to cats. There are a few portions of these plants that are toxic. If your cat ingests or gets in touch with any toxic parts of yarrow plants, there might be a high chance your cat can behave abnormally or show some symptoms of poisoning.

Whereas you may know yarrow plants are roadside plants, that contain hydrosoluble tannins that are very bitter in taste, so there is a high chance your cat may not eat these. But if you see your cat eating any chunk of yarrow plant, immediately go to the vet.

Here we discussed the causes why yarrow is toxic to pets:

Causes of Yarrow Poisoning in Cats

It’s always important to be aware of the plants that may be poisonous to your cats. One of these plants is yarrow. Several reasons can cause poisoning in your cats. These are:

Cat Ingested Yarrow Plant 

Cat is a loving pet and loves to play near plants. However, if you have a yarrow plant in your house or garden, there are huge possibilities your cat may ingest the yarrow plant. If you see the symptoms of yarrow poisoning, check their mouth; they migh chew the leaves, flowers, or any part of this plant. This is the main reason for yarrow poisoning.

Achilleine and Alkaloids

Yarrow is a lovely plant. However, if you have a pet there is a matter to reconsider before growing yarrow. Yarrow consists of Achilleine and Alkaloids. This toxic substance mainly poisons your cat if your cat eats any part of the yarrow.

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If you notice any of the following symptoms we mentioned, contact a veterinarian immediately. Also, keep all plants away from cats – they may play with them and eat toxic parts.

As a precautionary measure, always keep a close eye on your feline friend when they’re around any plants.

Symptoms of Yarrow Poisoning in Cats

Yarrow is a common plant found in many gardens and can be ingested by cats through ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact. If your cat consumes any amount of yarrow, it may experience some symptoms like :

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dermatitis
  • Increased urination.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Yarrow Poisoning in Cats

If you think your cat has eaten yarrow, it’s time to get them to the veterinarian as soon as possible. They may give your cat a physical exam and blood tests.

After checking your cat’s overall health, they will give it medications to encourage vomiting. Also, the vet will provide IV fluids, anti-nausea and analgesic drugs, and anti-inflammatory medications during supportive therapy.

If this plant causes severe damage, your cat needs continuous veterinary care. Other treatments may be required based on your cat’s condition. You must take whatever steps your vet said.

Prevention of Milfoil or Yarrow Poisoning in Cats

Yarrow is a common weed found in many gardens and parks. It can be a nuisance to humans but a real danger to cats. Yarrow is a member of the milfoil family and is poisonous to cats.

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Keep yarrow out of your kitty’s reach, and research the plant before bringing it inside – you don’t want to risk poisoning your feline friend! But, that’s what you can do. 

There are high chances you are both a pet lover and plant lover. But it would be best if you were on the safe side. Your decision can be helpful for both plants and cats.

Most valuable tips from professionals are: 

  • Avoid keeping poisonous or harmful plants within a cat’s reach.
  • Place pretty, playful plants, such as “kitty grass,”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is yarrow and why is it good for humans?

Yarrow is a plant belonging to the Asteraceae family and contains various compounds that have been shown to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and sedative properties. These properties make yarrow an excellent choice for human use as a medicinal herb.


Cat is your love and happiness, but don’t forget to keep your cat safe too!

Caution is advised when giving yarrow to cats as it can be poisonous. Make sure your cat doesn’t eat any of these plants and if you think your cat has ingested them, contact a veterinarian immediately.

As always, please consult a veterinarian before giving any plant to your pet. Thank you for reading, and we hope this blog was helpful.

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